/* This source is absolutely free to use and modify at you own risk, please do not change some chars and say that this program is yours or i'll die the next day... ;). Pay attention, this file is for research purpose only, do not use it into any hacking way. Is possible to be logged while running the program, so PAY ATTENTION!. Tested on Linux RedHat 5.0 and Win95 compiled with Cygnus Gnu win32. Many Thanks goes to s0ftpr0ject and Orda of the Badlands groups! I want also give a big thanks to: Goku: my linux guru SMaster: my prezident MaNdraKe: and his future girlfriends Pr3dator: for his help on linux (go slower on cars!:pPp) PhoenYx: the best italian hacker Berk: a cool friend and a wannabe hacker xOANON: the best cracker all around Golem: for his bot, what about setting it on #softpj? ;) Spaceone: a good friend TanK_GirL: a future hacker! (i hope) RootShell: for many source and ideas I want also give a big fuck to: Telecom Italia: u must die! WarLords: Good ircwarriors but stupid people Alexb: pay attention at your fuckin' shells Lamers: try to be more newbies! by |scacco| Add-on By Dark Schneider */ #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #define MAXSTR 12 main (int argc, char *argv[]) { struct sockaddr_in sin; /* int outsocket, serv_len, len,c,outfd; */ /* struct hostent *nametocheck; */ /* struct in_addr outgoing; */ struct hostent *hp; char host[100], buffer[1024], hosta[1024],FileBuf[8097]; int sock, i=0, X; char *stringhe[MAXSTR]; for(i=0;ih_addr, (char *) &sin.sin_addr, hp->h_length); sin.sin_family = hp->h_addrtype; sin.sin_port = htons(80); sock = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0); X=connect(sock,(struct sockaddr *) &sin, sizeof(sin)); write(sock,stringhe[i],strlen(stringhe[i])*sizeof(char)); while((X=read(sock,FileBuf,8096))!=0) write(1,FileBuf,X); } } printf("\nScacco&Dark Schneider - S0ft Pr0ject 98"); }